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Erin Sanders is currently 15, and will be turning 16 on January 19th. She is a proud Capricorn like her mother Kathy, who's birthday is on January 3rd (a day before mine heehee). Erin is most famous for her role as Quinn on the Emmy-nominated show, Zoey 101 starring Jamie Lynn Spears, Erin Sanders, Sean Flynn, Victoria Justice, Matthew Underwood, Chris Massey and Paul Butcher.

But Erin isn't only famous for her acting. She's a well known Girl Scout cookie girl!! 
Over the past 9 years, Erin   has sold up to 1900 boxes of cookies per year to customers in the Greater Los Angeles and San Gorgonio areas! That's a heck of a lot of cookies i can assure you!!

Actually, thanks to her cookie selling, Erin was discovered!
“I had just turned 9,” she said, “when, accompanied by my mom, knocked on this guy’s door.  After I rattled off all the names and descriptions of the cookies by heart, he said that he was impressed with the way I spoke and that his friend ran an agency.  He gave my mom his card, and the rest is history.” 

     Since then, Erin has appeared in a number of commercials and in
several TV shows, such as "8 Simple Rules," "Judging Amy,” “Carnivale,” “American Dreams,” and “Strong Medicine.” She has been nominated for two Young Artist Awards, one for her recurring role in “Carnivale,” and one for her starring role in a short film, “Never, Never,” shown at  Sundance Film Festival.

On ‘Carnivale,’ I was playing the younger version of Amy Madigan, which meant I had to look like her.  So, I had to have blue eyes, red hair, and freckles.  I wore blue contacts, and the hair stylist put stuff in my hair to make it red.  The make-up artist painted freckles all over my face and arms.  It tickled!  I also had to have a Russian accent, and actually speak Russian, neither of which I do.  So, they had a dialect coach come to the set and tutor me in Russian!  But, don't ask me to tell you what I had to say; I don't remember!” 

Erin has had the opportunity to work with some amazing actors, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones ("She seems really nice.  I found out that she speaks 3 different languages: English, French, and a little Welsh.  I thought that was very cool."), James Garner ("He taught me how to play poker!"), David Spade ("He always calls me 'Tiny.'  I don't think he even knows my real name!!!"), Joe Pesci (“He was showing us the best ways to shoot paper-clips using a rubber-band!”), Clancy Brown (“We kept cracking up every time I had to hit him with the rubber rock!”), Tyne Daly (“In our scene together, we passed each other on the stairs.  Afterwards, she said, ‘It was a pleasure sharing a staircase with you!’”), and Amy Brenneman (“She was pounding the celery with a meat tenderizer between takes.  It was sooo funny!!!”).

     Currently, Erin  is filming Season 3 of Zoey 101 as "Quinn" the crazy science geek. As well as the show been an Emmy-niminated Nickelodeon show, Erin, along with her fellow cast members, won a 2006 Young Artist Award for Best Ensemble Performance in a TV Show.  Also, Erin herself was nominated for a 2005 Women's Image Network (WIN) Award for her role as "Quinn" in the episode "Quinn's Date"! An excellent achievement for a girl of 15 and I'm sure many more awards will come in the future!

In addition to acting, Erin continues to be involved in Girl Scouts, and has been a top cookie seller for 7 years, selling over 12,000 boxes in her cookie career.  

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